What Will the TraxSales Upboard CRM Do For You?


Making the sales floor more efficient and streamlined is a primary goal of retail business owners and managers. The TraxSales Upboard CRM optimizes your sales floor for better funcionality.


The TraxSales CRM will make sure that the customers walking into your location are given professional service quickly will lead to an increase in your sales conversion ratio & customer service.


Converting customers that say they will "be back" is an opportunity for your store or showroom to increase profits. The TraxSales CRM will bring back more unsold customers to your business.


When your clients leave with a smile it means they had a positive experience at your store. The Traxsales CRM improves customer satisfaction leading to more referral customers & a better reuptation.


Business owners & managers priority is making money, no one is in the retail business to flounder. The TraxSales CRM will maximize the sales potential of your store and increase profits.


Paying idle employees can drain working capital from your business. Not having enough salespeople to attend your customers can both reduce sales & profits. TraxSales CRM will remedy this for you.

Overview of TraxSales Upboard CRM

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Why The TraxSales Upboard

Do you know how many customers your salespeople speak with each day? Do you know what proportion leave without buying anything and why? Do you wish you had a way to track these “be back” customers to get them back to sell to later? This is one of the biggest challenges in retail, and now there is a solution that makes it not only possible, but also much easier, both for the salesperson and for the customer.

Customer Relationship Management

The TraxSales Upboard CRM Follow-Up System for sales force rotation and customer relationship management (CRM) addresses these challenges in a way that brings more unsold customers back to your store or showroom to become real customers. And, it can make the process efficient, automatic and even pleasant for everybody.

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Upboard System Benefits


Benefits of the TraxSales Upboard CRM

    – Streamlines Sales Force Management
    – Enhances Salesperson Responsiveness
    – Tracks Sold & Unsold Opportunities
    – Improves Customer Satisfaction
    – Increases Sales & Profits
    – Creates Harmony On Your Sales Floor

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Sell Unsold Customers


With the TraxSales system, you improve your sales efficiency by automating the process with which the “be back” customers are brought back to buy from you instead of your competition. How does this happen?

First, the TraxSales system helps capture all information on both sold and unsold customers. Second, it provides a process to get a higher proportion of those opportunities back for a second visit. Third, the customer opportunities that come back a second time are typically many times more likely to buy compared to a first time opportunity. The bottom line is that you sell more customer opportunities consistently.

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Analytical Reporting

The TraxSales system tracks all aspects of salesperson activity and sales results, ensuring every customer opportunity is handled properly and sales are maximized. The reports upload automatically to your PC, smartphone or tablet to view 24/7, anywhere you have access to the web. Now, you can check store performance and salesperson statistics at any time. Reports cover every important aspect of sales and customer relationship activity.

Samples of Included Reports

    – Performance Summary Report by Salesperson
    – Daily To Do Lists
    – Advertising Cost Per Opportunity
    – Customer Reasons For Not Purchasing
    – Advertising Opportunities by Product
    – Below Average Sales Volume Analysis
    – Below Average Closing Ratios
    – Customer Information Gathering Efficiency
    – Time With Customers Averages
    – Employee Activity
    – Monthly Goals
    – Unsold Customer Activity

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Complete Customer Control

When a customer walks through the door of your business, it is you and your sales team that should be influencing them to the point where they are taking out their wallet or reaching in their purse to make a purchase. This includes selling to those clients that want to buy at a later date

How the TraxSales System Creates Customer Control

    – Send Emails to Sold & Unsold customers
    – Set, View & Change Follow Up Dates
    – View & Create Daily To Do’s
    – Add Additional Customer Information
    – Create Next Item Needed
    – Add & Review Comments for Each Customer
    – Track Returns & Cedits
    – Review Information Gathering Efficiency
    – Understand & Track Marketing Impact
    – Review Data on Year to Year Trends

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What TraxSales CRM Does For Your Business

The TRAX Upboard CRM Follow-Up System for sales force rotation and customer relationship management (CRM) addresses the challenges of running an efficient and professional sales floor while optimizing profits & providing higher quality customer service. The TraxSales CRM System does this in a way that brings more unsold customers back to your store or showroom to become real customers A few of the reasons benefits of the TraxSales system are below.



With the TraxSales CRM you will be able to run and manage your sales team more efficiently which will increase sales conversion ratios and in turn increase your store profits.



The TraxSales CRM system captures all information on both sold and unsold customers & provides a process to get a large number of those opportunities back for a second visit.



With the TraxSales CRM system implemented at your business; staffing, salesperson responsiveness & sales force management will be optimal leading to better client support.



When you putting in place business tactics to ensure that your store is performing at its highest level, You will have higher sales conversions leading to increased sales & profits.