When you are looking for a company that is going to supply retail traffic counter solutions or customer relationship management software for your business, you want to use someone with experience in your specific area. TraxSales has a resume filled with experience in the retail sector of the economy.

TraxSales has been designing retail traffic counter technology for over 2o years, and a company that did not know what they were doing would be out of business if they were not experts in this area. As technology has changed, the TraxSales systems have upgraded to keep up with the times. You are guaranteed to have the most accurate system on the market with TraxSales.

TraxSales is a Houston based company in an all in one company. TraxSales handles everything from development to manufacturing to technical support. With everything in house you will always have a friendly, knowledgeable voice on the other end of the line that is specifically assigned to your company to take care of any questions you might have. From retail traffic counting systems to the TraxSales Upboard CRM, you will have the best and most accurate technology on the market today to promote business and sales growth to ensure you are a step ahead of your competitors.

The owner of TraxSales, Dave Mink, adds his own person experience as expertise when he was designing the TraxSales Upboard CRM. In 1984 he opened an 8 store furniture chain with approximately 65 sales associates. In 1996 in an effort to figure out how to help sales associates follow up with sold and unsold customers and also track how many customers did not buy he created the TraxSales Upboard CRM.

The TraxSales CRM is specifically designed for those retail businesses in need of optimizing their sales floor and ensuring that sales conversion rates and customer follow up are as high as possible.

When it comes to retail traffic counters and customer relationship management you want the most accurate data and most information possible to ensure you are making business decisions and changes on accurate information. The Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counting system is close to 100% accurate and the TraxSales Upboard CRM will allow you to streamline your sales floor and increase sales to unsold “be back” customers.

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