TraxSales provides solutions for retail businesses around the globe.  Traxsales has its main focus on 5 different areas when providing retail optimization solutions.  The 5 areas base around retail traffic counter technology and client relationship management both of which if implemented and used correctly will ensure retail business growth and success.  With the TraxSales systems in place you will increase sales and profits, provide better customer support, decrease overhead, and give your patrons a better overall shopping experience.

TraxSales Upboard Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Do you want to optimize your sales floor and increase sales to “be back” customers? The TraxSales Upboard CRM system is the solution.  TraxSales has customer relationship management system will allow you to efficiently control your sales floor. It will help keep track of customer information so you have the ability to increase profits and sales to clients as well as increase the number of unsold customer coming back into your location to make a purchase. Many clients that come into your store or showroom are there to gather information about products in order to make an informed buying decision at a later date.  The TraxSales CRM system allows you to collect information and contact these potential sales opportunities. This follow up will help bring them back into the store or showroom and make that final purchase. This system streamlines the sales floor and optimizes sales force management, the CRM enhances the responsiveness of the salespeople on the floor, it allows you to input data to track sold and unsold sales opportunities, it improves the clients’s shopping experience and satisfaction and all of this equals increased sales and profits.

Retail Door Traffic Counters

Why go with infrared or smartphone tracking when you can have the best and most accurate retail traffic counter technology on the market today, the TRAXSales Visual Proof2. For retail businesses that want to improve their retail operation they need the most accurate customer counting data that can be provided.  If you want close to 100% accuracy the TraxSales’ camera based traffic counting system is the only choice for your retail business. TheTraxSales Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counter with it’s visual data and automated reports is the most powerful and accurate business management tools in the retail sector. TraxSales will keep you one step ahead of your competitors it the increasingly competative retail sector of the economy.

Analytical Reports & Data Collection

TraxSales cloud based data collection and over 20 different analytical reports will help you turn traffic and sales numbers into easily readable charts that will allow you to implement business changes and generate more sales and profits while at the same time reducing employee overhead. The TraxSales retail traffic counter giving you accurate counts is just the beginning. TraxSales will help turn that data into insights, all from the a cloud based service that you can access anywhere that has an internet connection.  These automatically generated reports  include staffing to customer activity, closing ratios, revenue per guest and many more. These TraxSales reports that are generated from your Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counters will increase your store’s profits and sales, decrease overhead with optimal staff scheduling and improve customer service.

Turing Numbers Into Actionable Data

The goal at TraxSales in to make sure that your business grows from the use of our products, be it the retail traffic counter or the customer relationship management (CRM) software. The professional team at TraxSales is going to walk you through each of the reports that is produced and ensure that you know how to use them to turn the numbers into actionable data that you you use to optimize your business and maximize profits and sales. TraxSales will lead you in a direction and allow you to implement small changes in your business, to increase the number of sales you are making and maximize on the opportunities walking through your doors. The reports and data will help you in increasing sales conversion rates, tracking marketing and promotions to find out which have the best ROI, improving customer service and optimizing your sales floor.

Technical Support

TraxSales prides itself in the customer support it provides to its clients. The professional TraxSales technical support team will make sure that your system is running properly and will walk you through any questions you might have in regards to the system functionality, camera placement and angles, data being collected and special requests you may have.  We want to build a long term relationship with each and every client. Growth and success of your business means that we are doing our job. When the phone rings at the TraxSales office expect to have a friendly, helpful voice on the other end to tend to your every need. to go along with the purchase you receive a lifetime warranty on the product, if for any reason the system fails or goes down due to an accident or act of God, a new unit will be sent out immediately with a return package for the dysfunctional unit.  After receiving your system the TraxSales team will take the time to train both you and your team on using the system to its full potential and getting the most out of the retail traffic counting and TraxSales Upboard system.