The TraxSales Upboard is a patented customer relationship management system created specifically for furniture showrooms, jewelry stores or any retail location that uses a sales force rotation.

Each of these types of businesses can be optimized by using the TraxSales Upboard CRM. Implementing the system will assist in efficiently staffing, streamlining sales force rotation, follow up with both sold and unsold customers, and improving customer service. All of these aspects lead to an increase in profits, sales & sales conversions and a decrease in overhead.

Fill in the form below to take part in a 20 minute online demo of the TraxSales Upboard CRM. In 15 minutes you will see why putting the system in place at your store or showroom can increase profits by 15% or more in a matter of months if the data provided by the system is used properly and business tactics based on this data are implemented.

The TraxSales Upboard CRM is a game changer in the retail industry. Isn’t 15 minutes of your time worth possibly increasing your profits by 15%?